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The Nanhi Chhaan Foundation supports initiatives and partnerships that fuel a ‘Do It Yourself’ movement. Through four primary public-private partnership models, the foundation brings together a cross section of stakeholders who commit to working together; it is as much a part of the Nanhi Chhaan philosophy to encourage partnerships that can significantly increase their impact by working together as it is to encourage individuals to apply the Nanhi Chhaan philosophy to their daily lives.

For over 8 years, Nanhi Chhaan and its partners have improved the lives of Lakhs of Children, Women and Girls by providing them access to protection, basic education, proper healthcare, a healthy environment, livelihood opportunities and participation in decisions which affect their lives.

Nanhi Chhaan’s work is not possible without the support of funding from individuals, corporations, institutions, foundations and government agencies within India and abroad.

Core Initiatives 

  • Community/Village Development
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Education
  • Environment