Launch of Nanhi Chhaan from Guruvayur Temple,
Delhi – 15th August 
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Guruvayur TempleThe launch of the joint Initiative by Arsha Dharma Parishad and Nanhi Chhaan Foundation. At the function held on the 15th of August, a day we celebrate our Independence was of great relevance as for the little girls of our country true independence will come only when they live lives of equality along with the boys and then grow to being equal citizens in every sense of the word. Enhancing our tree cover and building harmony amongst faiths are the other pillars of the Nanhi Chhaan agenda.

The launch event saw over 300 children from 7 schools participating enthusiastically along with 100 other dignitaries, teachers, principals and devotees from the temple. Each school had brought thematic posters on Nanhi Chhaan which were displayed from the dais. Certificates will be given to all children who participated in recognition of their efforts. The presence of so many dignitaries not only brought dignitaries to the proceedings but also inspired many of those present to wholesomely support the Nanhi Chhaan cause. Guests on the dais-Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, Hon’ble Chief Mnister of Delhi, Mr. T.K.A Nair, Advisor to the P.M., Mr. K. Madhvan Nair, President – Temple Trust, Mr. B.P Rao – CMD, BHEL, Shri N. Peethambara Kurup: MP Loksabha, Prof. N.N Pillai – Director, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Mr. Harpal Singh, Mr. Malvinder M. Singh, Mr. R. Pawar The program started with Mr. Rajendra Pawar, Chairman NIIT Group giving the welcome address and inviting Mr. Harpal Singh to introduce the Nanhi Chhaan concept. Mr. Harpal Singh in an inspiring address introduced Nanhi Chhaan to the audience and announced the partnership with Arsha Dharma Parishad. He also read out the Anti Dowry Pledge and urge the boys & girls in the audience to stand up and take the pledge too. This was met with great enthusiasm as the children read along the Anti Dowry Pledge with Mr. Singh. Another unique aspect of the program was the presence of heads from the local Gurudwara, Church and Mosques at the Guruvayur Temple venue. They all quoted from their scriptures on the importance of protecting the girl child, saving the environment and secularism. They also promised to take forward these messages at their respected places of worship.

Guruvayur TempleMr. T.K.A. Nair exhorted the audience to pursue the three objectives of Nanhi Chhaan more vigorously as they were as important, if not more important, as other issues confronting the country- a clarion call for more action. The extraordinary support and presence of the Delhi Chief Minister, Smt. Sheila Dikshit to the Nanhi Chhaan initiative was indeed inspiring and we were warmed by the fact that she graced the function on the 15th of August. She also gave out mementos and saplings to all religious heads, dignitaries on the dais and pledges to school principals. We are most thankful to her to take out time from her very busy schedule (particularly being 15th of August) to be a part of this initiative.

The program ended with the vote of thanks given by Mr. M. Nair followed by the National Anthem. All the school children were given snack boxes along with a sapling on their departure and the temple trust had organized lunch for all others. Promising new leads generated were with BHEL as their CMD, Directors and CSR Head were present and have promised to adopt the Nanhi Chhaan agenda at their units starting with Bhopal and Haridwar. Mrs. Geeta Siddhartha, Chairperson India Council for Child Welfare was most enthusiastic in her response and we are initiating detail discussions/meetings to take the agenda forward.