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Nanhi Chhaan, a not-for-profit foundation to protect the environment and the girl child declared the adoption of village Qila Jiwan Singh .Harpal Singh, Chairman, Impact Group and Nanhi Chhaan Foundation along with Dr. Kamra, Principal DAV College, Mr. ABC, District Commissioner and Sarpanch of the village jointly spoke on the issue of girl child protection and environment preservation and declared the adoption of the village.

Mr. Harpal Singh addressing a gathering of around 400 person including school children, DAV College Girls and village folk at the Government school premises said, “ It is not only important to be aware and to understand the grave implication of not protecting our girls and defiling the environment but it is also equally important to take proactive action as well. Nanhi Chhaan foundation is a step in that direction. Since its inception the Foundation is committed to bringing about positive change in society, and the adoption of the village Qila Jiwan Singh is an example that we hope will be followed by many other villages across the country.”

Dr. Kamra, Principal, DAV College elaborately spoke of the adoption exercise and the work that will be done. She highlighted some important social issues that the Girls’ college was doing on a sustaining basis. The District Commissioner also acknowledged the importance of the issue and committed his office’s contribution and support in this village initiative. Mr. K. S Pannu expressing his deep concern said that he viewed the problem of girl child protection and environment abuse as a serious one and, as in the past, will provide all the support from the Government. The Sarpanch of the village added by agreeing on the issues as a grass root reality and acknowledged such programmes as a welcome seed to change.

The Nanhi Chhaan foundation has also donated sewing machines to set up a vocational centre at the local Gurdwara. The foundation has also announced scholarships for 25 children for meeting a part of their education expenses. The training on these sewing machines and cookery classes will be undertaken by girls of DAV College. Two newly born girl children along with newly wed brides were felicitated during the event.

The occasion concluded by a village langar and felicitation at the village Sarpanch’s house whose involvement is central to such programmes being the grass root interface and convener. Nanhi Chhaan foundation has vowed to duplicate the model in other villages as well. Similar private- public participation can be instrumental for the much desired social change.