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Educational institutions such as schools play an important role in spreading this message, as young minds are developing their potential and are open to new models of learning. They are agents of change because they can further share messages with their peers outside of educational systems as well as take back lessons learned in the classroom to their families.

Using the schooling systems’ organizational resources, the Nanhi Chhaan model is personalized to each school’s needs. Each programme developed is done in partnership with the school, taking on forms of awareness lectures, camps and workshops along with campaigns within schools, led by students, staff and the parent-teacher community. The costs of hosting Nanhi Chhaan projects in schools is minimal, with free saplings being provided by Nanhi Chhaan and a joint promotion of the concept is done with schools to highlight the school’s commitment to the cause.

Schools also participate at the launch of Nanhi Chhaan programmes from places of faith across India.

Nanhi Chhaan also partners with youth led and run groups across New Delhi and works with college students. A recent partnership is with the Delhi Based The YP Foundation that reaches out to over 1500 college students across the city.

  • Inculcating productive values for preserving the environment and for respecting the girl child and women at an impressionable age.
  • Enhancing the prestige and values of the school and encouraging a larger community of students to engage with the school’s philosophy and potential.


Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer
Savitri School, Ajmer
Sophia College, Ajmer
Mayoor School, Ajmer
Salwan Schools
Vasant Valley Schools
Shri Ram Schools
Guru Harkrishan Public Schools
Scindia Old Boys Society
Guru Nanak College for Girls, Ludhiana
St. Columbus School
Doon School Old Boys Society
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