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We live in an inter connected, inter dependent world and increasingly, corporate institutions, associations and organizations are recognizing their responsibility to the social sector. Nanhi Chhaan encourages industry to adopt and engage programmes that benefit both employees and society in general. The feasibility of how Nanhi Chhaan is adopted by each institution is personalized to the mandate the organization works with and the field they are committed to working in.

Established programmes include awareness campaigns for employees and their families, where the costs of implementing the programme are borne by the corporate. This includes the cost of saplings, communication material to the employees, travel associated with the programme etc. Additionally, the organization can facilitate the establishment of individual distribution points set up for the general public, as collaboration between the corporate and places of faith, schools as well as other NGOs.

Corporate organizations are provided suitable sponsorship publicity at all places, including the packaging of the sapling. Benefits to the sponsor include:

  • The sponsor’s participation gets highlighted as a major CSR activity and creates a clear dialogue with the public, on two issues of strong social concern.
  • Provide visibility to the sponsor’s name and messaging, at all locations, including distribution booths and the packaging of the sapling.
  • Displaying the sponsor’s name in conjunction with Nanhi Chhaan on products developed by the corporate, that highlights the impact made through CSR efforts.
  • Acknowledging the sponsor’s contribution at multiple national forums, including the Nanhi Chhaan website.

Total Cost: Each booth for distribution costs Rs. 20,00,000 per annum.


  • Kiehls (Loreal)
    Fortis Group of Hospitals
    Impact Group of Companies
    Punjab National Bank