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Non Profit Organizations and Government partnerships play a key role at Nanhi Chhaan. The Foundation supports the existing work of NGOs and endorses government schemes, exploring the power and potential of scaling partnerships that directly work at a grassroots and urban level, with the welfare of children and women as wall as initiatives about the environment. Nanhi Chhaan is an apolitical platform and does not endorse the mandate of any one politician or political party.

There is great potential to involve ministries such as the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment as well as the Ministry of Women and Child Development as well as state governments, who have existing national campaigns that could incorporate Nanhi Chhaan’s mandate as well as partner to increase the citizen’s emotive connect with why these issues are important.

Nanhi Chhaan works with NGOs as well as Government to encourage the implementation of booths to be set up at different locations across the country as well as facilitate private public partnerships that develop education, skills and healthcare commitments for the girl child as well as increase environmental education.


Piroj Sha Godrej Foundation
Save The Children
The YP Foundation

Resident Welfare Associations of Delhi
Garden and Parks Society
Durlabhji Trust
Delhi Garden and Parks Society